22 November 2012

I’m grateful for the wishes that came true. And — now that the sting has worn off — I’m grateful for the ones that didn’t.

I’m grateful for the dreams that have never left me. That growing up didn’t mean leaving behind the kingdom of my childhood.

I’m grateful that the world didn’t end when I felt like it would. That sad days did end when it felt like they would go on forever.

I’m grateful for good books and songs that play on the radio at the perfect moment. For long drives on sunny mornings and being so happy I can’t sit still.

I’m grateful for bright red lipstick, hot cups of tea, and old movies. That the same thick-framed glasses I wore in the forth grade are now somehow cool. That chucks always look better with age.

I’m grateful for wonderful friendships that last — friendships that even time and distance can’t break asunder.


Kristan Hoffman said...

Love this so much, Steph.


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