30 March 2012

One of my favorite things about designing book covers for fantasy is manipulating photographs of humans to look like non-humans. I love making subtle changes to a portrait to give it that larger than life quality.

I thought I would share some before and after photos to show you what a difference photo manipulation can make.

Mesmerized by Julia Crane and Talia Jager

Julia actually picked out the photos for this one, which made my job super easy. We were going for a watercolor look. I envisioned a dress made out of light and smoke, and I love the way it turned out. Find out more about Julia and Talia here and here.

Smoke and Magic by Patti Larsen

Patti had her own photographer and model for this cover. Sometimes it’s hard to find models in the right position or shot at the right angle. Patti knew exactly what she wanted, and having an original photo was very helpful in bringing her idea to life. Find out more about Patti here.

The One by Heather Self
Heather’s cover is a good example of how subtle changes can really make a big difference. Slightly enlarging the eye draws your attention and makes the kaleidoscope colors of the iris stand out. Find out more about Heather here.

Water by Shauna Granger
Making this cover was a lot of fun. I basically started with the face and built everything else around it from scratch. We were going for beautiful but creepy. I’m really pleased with the final result! Find out more about Shauna here.

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Farida Mestek said...

Wow! The changes and the covers are gorgeous and amazing! Thank you for sharing :-))

Shauna Granger said...

They all look so awesome, but that Smoke and Magic is seriously amazing!

Joelle said...

Love that you posted before and after photos. Great covers. :)

Julia Crane said...

You are so talented!

Kristan Hoffman said...

Um wow. You are like a magician or something. That last cover is especially impressive, in terms of the transformation, and the first is soooo lovely. They're all awesome and I am so in awe!

Stephanie Mooney said...

Thanks everyone! I'll have to do more before and after posts in the future. :)


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