20 June 2011
"When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies." 
— James Matthew Barrie

Welcome to my new blog!

I love beginnings. There's something so refreshing about a blank canvas. Sometimes I'll even go out of my way to start something new or make a change — like rearranging my furniture, or buying a new journal when I don't really need one.

I went through all my old scrapbooks and keepsake boxes this weekend. I sifted through stacks of purple giraffes, hand prints, and bunnies with sticks for legs, searching for the genesis of my creative spark. 

What I found was a collection of beginnings, still sweet with a lingering sense of excitement.

I half expected all those pieces of my past to have faded with my memories, but they're almost perfectly preserved like little windows in time. They bring kindergarten rushing back, and I can still smell the crayons and glue, still hear the other children laughing around me. 

*      *      *

[what to expect from this blog]

Posts about writing; book reviews; samples of my artwork, poetry, and photography; stories about traveling and adventure; and anything else that happens to spill out of my box of tricks.

You can find out more about me here, or follow me on twitter and tumblr. I'm also a member of We Heart YA.

Here's to a new beginning!


Courtney Manale said...

Steph, you are the coolest! I'm so excited about reading your blog. It is going to be great. I know it! I mean...who else can write, paint and be super creative like you? I don't know many. :)

Stephanie Mooney said...

Aww! Thanks, Courtney!! I'm excited about writing it.

Kristan said...

"What to expect from this blog"? AWESOMENESS. ;)

Everything looks great, and I love your blogging voice. Also, HOW CUTE were you as a kid? That art is pretty sweet too, hehe. Looks like the beginning of a great beginning to me!

Stephanie Mooney said...

Thanks, Kristan. Ha Ha! That face in the drawing is supposed to be me! A great self-portrait if I ever saw one.

Sarah Wedgbrow said...

LOVE. "wonderful nonsense and impossible things." you're magic, Steph. xx

Stephanie Mooney said...

Sarah, I thought about Alice in Wonderland when I wrote that. You know, "sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." Thanks for thinking I'm magic! :P

Anonymous said...

Steph, this is so wonderful and creative and whimsical. Love your designs and your writing. Can't wait to follow your blog all the way to the stars!

Stephanie Mooney said...

Thanks, Ingrid. Hey, now it's your turn to start a blog! ;)

Joelle said...

From great beginnings come great stories. Now what exactly do you have in your box of tricks?

Stephanie Mooney said...

Wouldn't you like to know? ;) LOL! Thanks for stopping by, Joelle.


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